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    Tai Chi question

    Hi guys,

    I have an opportunity to learn some Tai Chi from a guy here locally who says he trained under Jiang Jianye. He sent me an email stating the styles of Tai Shi we will do. These forms, he says, are the one used by the Health Preservation Association. I am doing this for my back and joints.

    My question is:
    What is the best way to verify his credentials? I really do not want to waste my time and money on someone who has not trained the art properly.

    Brian O

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    If you're doing tai chi for your back and joints, the only real credentials that you'd need are that:
    1. He's not a moron that will make you do things that will hurt yourself.
    2. You also aren't going to do anything that will hurt yourself.

    Otherwise, any kind of tai chi will probably do what you're after, in fact any gentle exercise will probably do what you're after.

    The only proper credentials that would help you is if the instructor had a physiotherapy degree, or something. But probably unnecessary for what you're looking for.

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    join emptyflower and ask on their board, they have a broader base of chinese martial artists who can help you
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    Aren't they a bunch of navel gazing wankers over there?

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    EF has some navel-gazing wankers and some people who'd just as soon slam you through the asphalt as look at you.

    Anyway, just ask a few questions about his training with JJ—when and where, does he have any photos or video of them together, etc. (Of course, lots of losers make sure to snap photos with this or that lineage holder.) You could certainly ask on EF too, as people are more likely to keep track of any major player's serious students (versus the DVD specialists).
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    To give a nod to what Orbz said, if you are doing this for your back injury, make sure the guy is certified rehab. You don't want to train with either an instructor who is unfamiliar with the physical limitations/demands that result from this injury (possibly making the injury worse,) or worse yet, some DVD learning wanker who is trying to make money and has a very limited understanding of what he is teaching.

    Nothing wrong with asking for the guy's credentials. Be up front, tell him you want to make sure you are training with someone who is familiar with your type of injury. If he gets all pissy and indignant, just walk away.

    All the best, good luck with the rehab.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brihno360 View Post
    Hi guys,

    I have an opportunity to learn some Tai Chi from a guy here locally who says he trained under Jiang Jianye.
    A personal hang up I have (not saying this applies to your case but it could...bullshido is bullshido) is to use extra caution when people claim to have received direct personal training from masters who ALSO happen to sell lines of instructional DVDs.

    Based on things told to me by my friends who are involved in both martial arts and physical training/therapy, it is way too common to find physical trainers who are simply trying to expand their business by teaching Tai Chi and decide they can instruct others by watching a lot of Tai Chi videos and then claim to have learned "Yang Style Tai Chi under Master So-and-So". Jiang Jianye may have taught this guy, or he may have been on "Pause" a lot while this guy figured out the movements.

    Forewarned is forearmed.



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