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    Quote Originally Posted by PizDoff View Post
    If you had gone into why people lose their accuracy it might have been a useful post.

    Back injury is a few years ago. You need to stop listening to people that talk without understanding, including one that declined to roll with me at the end of a class we both did because he was too tired.
    You seem PizDoff,

    But I'll oblige. When you're really fighting, you kind of lose focus on things like accuracy because of the adrenaline. There's variations of adrenaline too, some adrenaline makes you feel good, some of it makes you feel like you're about to stress yourself into an aneurysm. Like when you get pulled over by a cop and you're freaking out about how this ticket is going to cost you like 1000 dollars.

    That is the kind of stress adrenaline you're under when you're fighting. You shake and your focus is off. It takes TREMENDOUS focus and willpower to not lose it. Most fighters don't have that. I've seen those that have that willpower and it's magical.

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    Clever, you are.
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