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    Quote Originally Posted by debbiedoes View Post
    Inresponse to the S Cio Burrell thing you are very wrong I know him personally for 17 yrs and you all are very off the mark. Cio is one of the most amazing Martial Artists I have ever seen and I know quite a few of them one being Kenneth Miarecki Grandmaster 10th degree founder of Sen-I-Ryu Budo he is a lifetime member of the World Martial Arts Council as well as my teacher and very good friend I aslo refer you to Grandmaster Winchell Woo Of Huggars.comBoston Both of these accomplished teachers are friends of Mr. Burrell .We all know Cio Burrell who is also an accomplished published author..please get your facts straight and there are certain aspects of this mans life you do not know and never will refering to his military career and I do know them. I have been to his home many many times and I tell you he is who he says he is and more. He is the most dangerous person I have ever met in many ways. Please do not call him a liar untill you know from where you speak of. Its disturbing to me that someone supposedly of the Martial Arts life and mindset would make such a place since this is an attack on people and I do not find this place at all in line with the Morals and teachings of Martial Arts in general..I can also name many more of my friends as high as tenth 8th degree as well but the 2 I mentioned should be specific. Cio Burrell also grew up in Okinawa and learned the arts there please use better judgment when trashing a man such as him.thanks for chance to speak.....deborah Cee:911flag:
    Is this where I make comments about all of the hucksters, frauds, murders, rapists, and racists that are all "great people" until their dual life is uncovered.

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    [email protected] "Debbie"...Stephen is a COMPLETE PHONY, he has also lied about bein a highly decorated war veteran, which is just despicable. This guy is outa his do I know? My 20 year old sister dated him and became entranced by all of his fake stories (he was like 50 years older than her btw). He's not dangerous at all physically, but he's a brainwasher as u can see from Debbie's post.

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    @debbie: No grammer, spelling or paragraphs and one post. Troll.

    In the article in question C. Burrell concedes his records are "inflated" he just doesn't say he did it himself, instead he makes the excuse that others did it for him. lame.

    Therefore, debbie/troll, you don't know the guy.

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    sooooooo tempted to go to the next level of this rabbit hole. so very very tempted.....

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