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    Anyone heard of Dace Roberts?

    I got this Facebook friend request from a guy called Dace Roberts today. Never head of him and he didn't leave a message to say why he's requesting so I thought he's probably new and trying to make some new friends.

    What I did find interesting was that his little statement section says:

    Armed Forces and bjj black belts.
    Currently on my 3rd tour in Iraq

    His profile pic is him in his gi with a BB. Now I'm not accusing him of anything or I'd have put this in MABS, it's just that I googled him to see if I could find his school or any info on him but it's like he doesn't exist. I know most of the posters on here are from across the pond and he has his location down as Los Angeles, so does anyone know him / of him?
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    When I saw the title, I thought it said "Dance Robots". I'm a smidge disappointed with the thread, to say the least.

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    Never heard of him and I was also unable to find a trace. You would probably get more information by sending a message to him.

    Plenty of new leads for Dance Robots and Robot Dances though.


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