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    Hello + Pittsburgh Judo Dojo Question

    Greetings and salutations, everyone. Long time lurker, first time blah blah blah.

    I've been out of judo for a few years, looking to get back in. I passed a school that's damnably conveniently located and it looks pretty new. Google found their website (http://shimsmartialarts.com/AboutUs.html) - pretty standard story of "I grew up in Korea and I have an 8th dan and I'm Awesome and I taught my son my full Awesomeness and he teaches now."

    Googling said Grandmaster and Son found few results, and none substantiating the Awesomeness. Their pricing screams "McDojo" with a "black belt prepaid plan" and everything.

    I'm not looking for an Olympic gym, but I've had enough judo that I do need competent instruction and don't want to pay out the ears for crap.

    Does anyone know anything about these guys? Is there a better judo option in the northern/eastern quadrant of Pittsburgh (I'd go to South Hills if it weren't 45 minutes each way).

    Thanks in advance. I look forward to joining the bullshido discussion.

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    I don't live in Pittsburgh anymore so I can't speak for Shim's now, but I started out with judo at Shim's. Shim's used to be on Route 8 in Glenshaw next to a beer distributor. Mr. Shim ran it and I can say he is the real deal as far as knowing his judo. He coached the Korean National Police team and was a serious competitor at both the national / international level in Korea I believe. He was a super nice guy, but seemed to be winding his teaching career down at that point though so there were only one or two competitors who worked out there. I never met his son, but did a search for his name and it looks like he is a competing MMA fighter. I might check it out if it's convenient for you, but would look into Kodokan Judo School between Route 8 and 19. If Cranberry is close I definitely would go to Kim's. You will find the most blackbelts and serious competitors at Kim's, but it obviously costs more since it is a full-time gym. There is also this place off of 376 just south of the city. It looks like a good competitive club with an experienced instructor. If you end up going to Shim's and want to compete I'd ask to make sure I got any promotions I received registered through one of the judo organizations since I don't see a link on their page and didn't find them on the PA Judo site. Let me know if you have any more questions.


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