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    Hey, come by our club if in NYC! Give me some notice and maybe we can find someone to put you up.

    You should start a facebook group about you trip!
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    I expect that there will be video?

    Too bad your not making your way through Montana, would love to get another Bullishido member in the gym.

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    As you know, I live in Pensacola. I would love to spar. There are a couple of other bullies here who may come as well. Since you are doing stand-up it would be easy because we could pretty much spar anywhere. But I will check and see if we could go to use the place I train at.

    As to my skill level:

    Kungfu for 2 months.
    Kickboxing for about 8 years.
    Groundfighting for about 6 years.
    Defensive tactics(via police academy) 10 years.

    The kickboxing I have done has been off and on with the groundfighting, and MMA style sparring. So I'm down for any kind sparring that you want to do. I have head gear, gloves, shin guards, and focus mitts for use.

    I would say that we could do a Kungfu vs Muay Thai, but my sparring still looks like regular kickboxing, not much like Xingyi. Maybe by the time you come through, that will change.
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    Alright, so so far I've got responses from every place I mentioned except for Chicago, no windy city strikers out there?

    Great idea about the Facebook group, I'll make sure to set that up once stuff gets more set in stone.

    @sambosteve, NYC is actually the part of the trip I'm the least sure of, I just don't know if my car can make it. We'll have to see what the itinerary ends up looking like. Thanks for the offer, that sambo stuff looks pretty scary.

    In other news, I got in a really bad car accident today (me and my little brother, I was driving my parents truck to pick something up). Somebody made a left turn right in front of me. I was going around 35, and it was nearly head on. I'm mostly ok, but my arms got a bit tweaked, and a little scraped up, so we'll see if it affects my training at all. Everyone involved in the accident was ok, BTW.

    Thanks again guys, this is starting to look like a pretty successful idea. Now I just need to make it happen.

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    Hey, I'm in Gainesville, FL. Actually I am in Orlando right now but no matter; I'll be back there late July.

    I'm not that great but I love sparring strangers! (I mean that in a non-asshole way)
    I have put off training for a while now due career obligations, but if you could let me know I will get my cardio up so at least it will be a meaningful time.

    diesel_tke: maybe we can set up something? If we can coordinate a time in Gainesville, especially friday and saturday, we can use the same facility where we did the central florida n00bthr0wd0wn 2009 that you missed out on. Plus there are cheap bars and restaurants around. Plus, hotel is super cheap. Plus, depending on what my roommates and gf says, you guys could stay at my place for a day or two. But either way I am down to drive somewhere.

    My experience: shitty, amatuer kickboxing with shitty win/loss record, 0-1 in Kickboxing if you don't count MMA/Pankration tournaments. I've been doing MA for a while but Kickboxing training only recent few years. I am actually very excited to hear about this and would love to see this happen, ESPECIALLY if you are going to be blogging about it! I'll edit and proofread for you if you want (I'm no writer though)
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    hey man (to the OP), if you are still doing this trip and you happen to venture into ohio (specifically warren/cortland/bazetta/girard/howland/austintown/niles) then definitely let me know :)

    I'm a shotokan practitioner with about 8 years in the style (though i was out of practice for a good long while), i've been working on getting serious again myself, and unfortunately there is NO one to spar with or practice with around here much anymore :( so i'm always looking for someone to work with :)

    If you do happen to get this and you do happen to find yourself in the area or heading this way, email me at [email protected], i don't know how frequently i'll check this thread so contact me there :D

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