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    I definitely think the 20th generation—especially Chens Bing and Ziqiang—are definitely more into reclaiming live training and a combat orientation than the 19th. I'm loathe to criticize the 19th generation too much though; many of them were defanged by the Cultural Revolution, after all. The young 19ers, such as Chen Yu, are more rambunctious than the members of the generation who were so hounded and abused by the government.

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    hey rivington,

    that there is any evidence at all of good competitive push hands is already a step in the right direction. in the 1990s in the uk i remember trying to take the formal push hands and trying to turn it into something more physical and useful. the only sources of information were books, most of them written by new agers. needless to say i didn't have much success...

    i don't mean to have a go at cxw, cxx et al. they have been through a lot and they are also old men now. it'd be unreasonable to expect them to be doing push hands seminars 24/7

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