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    Mosin Nagant scope mount

    I bought a Mosin Nagant m44 a few months ago and have decided to put a scope on it but I'm not sure which scope mount to buy.

    ATI has a scope mount but the reviews for it were really bad. http://www.atigunstocks.com/p-47-mos...lt-handle.aspx

    I found another scope mount from a manufacturer that I am not familar with. http://www.mosin-nagant-scope-mount.com/ The brand is "advanced rifle parts" which i've never heard of. Does anyone know if its legit?

    Unless someone says otherwise I'm leaning towards getting the later since the ATI mount requires a gunsmith for installation and I can install the other mount myself.

    As a secondary question I am curious if anyone has tried free floating a mosin nagant. I read scrappers thread on his mosin nagant but didn't read anything about free floating.

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    Learn to use those iron sights, and make sure the bayonet is extended when you shoot. (The M44 is sighted in with the bayonet out. POI changes when it's stowed.)

    All the mounts that replace your rear sight are notorious for loosening up in a hurry. Not good for maintaining zero.

    If you honestly have to start chopping up your mosin, go for "73h r341 $0v137 d34d1y".

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    The real Mil Surp Russian optics for the Mosin are awesome. They were designed to take some insane cold without fogging, and they do it quite well. I agree with the above statement that you should either get used to the iron sights or get the real optic. The Mosin is a piece of history and should be respected as such. Get a Tikka T3 or Remington 700 if you want something to stick a more modern optic on.


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