Woman in cage: Alex makes history in legal cage fight

A ST IVES woman is about to make history fighting in a cage.

Alex Chambers, 30, will compete in Australia’s first legal professional cage fight for women.

A former karate fighter and kickboxer, she will compete in the under-50kg division of the Elite Fighting Championship in Brisbane on May 29.

Cage fighting is a fusion of martial arts disciplines such as kickboxing, wrestling, judo, karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai.
Inside the cage, fighters can kick, punch and wrestle their opponents.

Chambers, who took up mixed martial arts five years ago, has slammed critics who have labelled the sport as violent.

``Other sports, such as rugby union and rugby league, are more brutal,’’ she said.

``I think if you have the right sort of training, that will prepare you for what you are going to expect. It’s a dream of mine to compete in mixed martial arts and I’ve been preparing for this for five years.

``I’m happy to be pursuing something I really love and you are always learning something new in mixed martial arts.’’

Formal regulation of combat sports such as cage fighting came into force through the Combat Sports Act 2008 on January 1.

NSW Minister for Sport and Recreation Kevin Greene said the State Government supported women’s participation in combat sports.

``The NSW Government recognises that most people believe women should have the right to make their own judgments and choices,’’ he said.

Chambers took up karate when she was eight before training in other martial arts disciplines.

She said the enclosed cage area gave fighters the opportunity to use a variety of moves.

``Being in the cage adds another dimension to fighting,’’ she said,

``You can use the cage to help your techniques like pinning your opponent to the cage so you can take them down.’’

Weak article, at least it isn't negative.
I tried finding the organization to confirm the fight card, only thing that came up is a similar named one in Vancouver, BC. Who is she fighting? Likely another woman right? What's the story there?