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    Quote Originally Posted by DdlR View Post
    Well, after a fashion -

    YouTube- Ringkampfer (1895)
    First ever televised pro wrestling match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeFan View Post
    First ever televised pro wrestling match?
    To be fair, while the action in that film clip is obviously staged, it would have been virtually impossible to film a real wrestling match under the conditions of film studio photography in 1895. Cameras were huge and almost immobile, certainly not able to quickly follow the action of a spontaneous, "alive" wrestling match. Likewise, if the wrestlers had moved out of the available light source (typically daylight - early film studios were constructed to admit sunshine), the film would have been wasted. Chances are that the "Ringkampfer" footage was actually shot to test how well the camera could record fast movement, rather than as a promo. for the wrestlers.

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