"so he bullshits in the gym. there are plenty of big noting douchebags, what makes this one so special ? "

...i am by no means bragging or name dropping but to better yet trying to illustrate just how special this was....lol....Here was the major Problem....Finlay knew the gym im associated with and who trains there. Guys in the ufc like GSP, Denis Kang, John the bull, David Loiseau, Jon Goulet Florian, Miguel Torres, Rori Macdonald, former world champion muay thai and kick boxers like Conrad the bat Pla (25 pro fights world champ in muay thai and kboxing) ,Victor Vargitzky 4 time world champ,not to mentiion the two Muay thai instructors from thailand who between them have over 350 fights with proof....you cant walk into a gym filled with monsters, pretending to be one ,when you're really a lamb in comparison! you will get slaughterd. The thing is if he was honest with me , it would have worked out, the guys in my gym respect everybody who shows up there to train. They would have respected Finlay as a fighter for stepping into a ring to compete the 3 or 4 times he did! thats how the guys roll at our gym. Mad respect for anyone one who steps foot in the ring! And Finlay did fight so in there eyes he would have been "one of them" but that was not the case!