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    Quote Originally Posted by shotfghter View Post
    Christ in heaven. that's god awful. I realize now, more than ever why this is a cult. The only guy who can teach good is hatsumi (that I know of now anyways).


    YouTube- Masaaki Hatsumi - Takagiyoshin Ryu

    Lets just say that I don't think it is 100% their fault that they are so poorly trained

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    Quote Originally Posted by superninjagod View Post
    I already claimed all ownership of my words. You can even re-read my attempt at a new thread.
    The key there is attempt. You fucked up, showed how you didn't have a clue what you're talking about, and so rather than simply admitting that you might need to learn a few things, like how to think rationally, rather than continue to defend a bullshit statement you made.

    So again, tell us what a TMA is. Go on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by P Marsh View Post
    Oh god, why are they fighting a sword with a funky fake knife on a rope? Thats just impractical for a fight even if that ring was bladed. At least one or two of them were physically fit unlike their instructors.
    The shoge is a funky weapon. Not impractical, just different. But the guy swinging the katana is waaaay out of range.

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