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    Quote Originally Posted by Lebell View Post
    Im appaled....thousands of people died to capture berlin and crash fascism so YOU could have your secret gigs with the bolsjewistdevils???
    gott im himmel!
    i hope you're proud of yourself.
    if i were your sergeant i'd let you feel my stick.
    Hey if I could have used Ivans they would have worked for much cheapness. My sergeant got looked after. He got free security for his wife's pub plus an invite to our social events. We had good social events it's a party city. If Dutch soldiers had been based there they could have had a cut as well. As we were surrounded by red forces at all times I reckon we were entitled to make the most of it. We had a lot of infrastructure to wreck if the balloon went up.

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    you do know what the dutch army looked like in the 80ies right?
    with conscripts and all?
    as a young boy i was wal;king with my dad over the military base and we passed by this army soldier with long hair in a ponytail.
    i remember that day because mah dad unintentonally learned me the word: '******'.

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