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    Training for the Poor and Lonely

    It's springtime again and I'm heading back to my local amateur phyte klub. I've put together an exercise and training regime to try and prepare myself for it and I'm posting this thread to get some opinions on what I should try to add or take away from it.

    The club itself is about as amateur as it can get. We use a friends front yard as the arena (I call it the Lawntagon) and have three types of matches (mma, kickboxing and grappling).

    My routine involves stretches and warm-ups taken from various reliable sources (yoga, military stretches, mma exercises) so I'm not exactly asking about that.

    What I am asking about is the actual martial arts training. I've got a number of drills set up (inspired by boxing, muay thai and mma books) but I find myself hitting some walls as far as my training goes. I should add that I'm dirt poor, otherwise I'd be over at Sakura martial arts and not asking about how to train when you've got no friends with time or desire to help you train.

    Specifically, what are some grappling/ground fighting drills that a solo practitioner can incorporate? I've been practicing shoot takedowns and looking like a damn fool practicing grappling on body pillows, so I'm very open to suggestions.

    While I feel my striking drills are up to snuff, I don't mind suggestions there either.

    Looking forward to responses.

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    Without proper instruction, doing drills will only serve to reinforce bad habits.

    Rudy Reyes > Bear Grylls

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    Well, nothing can take the place of good old qualified instruction. You should expect to hit some walls if you're not learning from someone who can show you how to overcome them. You can't afford any lessons, why not? I can understand those that don't have time to train. But if you've got time to play fighters in your friend's yard you might be able to pick up a job or even a second one (if you already work). MA training shouldn't be that expensive, working a few days a week will easily cover that. In the means time just get in shape find a job and work toward your goals and stay in school.

    Go Joe!

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    If you can't get the cash for a regular gym, why not just train your body instead of technique?

    By that I mean, cardio and strength. Without a good coach or school, you'll pick up bad habits you won't be able to drop easily. It's just my opinion, but I think it may be worthwhile.

    (I did get a chuckle out of "Lawntagon", though)

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    In some schools if a poor, but dedicated, student wants to work out they'll make him/her the mat washer/toilet scrubber window washer etc lackey in lieu of monetary payment..

    But to answer your query, I donno about grappling - shrimp for twenty minutes? Stand up is easier for me to answer; you can do mirror speed drills (3x a day 20 reps each side jabs and when you can't see your hands well, then you are getting fast), makiwara (side kick a big tree, same idea), and so forth...
    "Preparing mentally, the most important thing is, if you aren't doing it for the love of it, then don't do it." - Benny Urquidez


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