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    Greetings practitioners, wanna be's, are's & coulda, woulda's. Live here in Omaha. My days as a Martial artist are over because of health reasons. Studied under the Great Ed parker in SoCal in the early 70's. My son is a Kenpo/Kempo practitioner in Omaha with 14 years experience. So I still like to keep my nose in it from time to time. I can assure you there is atleast 1 quality Kenpo school in Omaha IMO & that is Nick Cerios. Was just checking out how much BS is still available about C. Geary in Omaha & stumbled upon this site. My son originally studied under Geary. My wife seen what he was alot sooner than I & for that I am thankful. my son was a green belt at the time we left Gearys Downtown location. He wanted my son to stay I think pretty badly because of # 1 Money (thats always #1 with Geary)
    & # 2 my son was used for promtional ads, commercials & such. But it was time to leave that place. Don't get me wrong there were some very good people there. Geary was willing to give ( GIVE ) my son his brown belt if he would stay. That sealed the deal right there. Geary still hasn't learned the lesson of earning something yet. But my son has. Geary is a thorn in the side of the Martial Arts community. Self promoter, Self absorber, Self
    Gratuitus schmekel. people in Omaha know all about him. He ran for some bogus office 2 years ago & collected at the last count I had seen, 12 votes. He won't be governing this state. just needs money.
    Sorry for the rant. Anyways hello Everyone!!!

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    Ack, sorry to hear y'all ran into problems like you did.
    At least you can appreciate why a site like this exists.

    Did you ever see our Investigations list?

    Welcome again to the site. All the years I've been here, and the people I've met here, I swear the average age of the site has to be well over 35. Every few months some rambunctious old fellow makes a thread going 'OLD PEOPLE UNITE! (slowly so no one gets hurt)' and much old peopleness follows!
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