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So i'm actually a student of this guy, and I'll agree after talking to him and looking up on his accomplishments I'm still not sure how much of it I believe.

With that Said I did ask him some questions regarding his declined offers, the 9 defeated kumite champions, and the national guard kumite thing that he also claims (forgive my spelling and grammar.)

According to him they were never formal fights. Rather he found them and challenged them. This was for the 9 kumite champions he says he defeated. As well as with the national guard. It wasn't that the National Guard has a kumite program rather that he ran into some guys from the National guard and challenged them to a Kumite thing. (I have no idea what kumite is to be honest. other than it appears to be some form of sparring? yes? maybe so?)

Either way the guy has alot of stories and alot of details. To me he doesn't appear to be bragging about himself when i'm asking him about it. Which doesn't mean he's lying or telling the truth. I'd like to believe him because he is my Grandmaster but I wasn't there and the only way to validate the information would be to find the people he's challenged.

He's dropped some names to me so I'm thinking about searching them out and asking them to check.

but this guy, is pretty intense. Take this with a grain of salt. I've done some boxing, hap-ki-do, kung fu, and Trained in some Mixed martial arts. and I've never seen a guy move like this dude. Though his stories are questionable I have very little doubt of his skills.

I'm not claiming that I'm some superior martial artist and that you should all just listen to what I say when I say he's legit. I'd much rather all of you give him up a call and check him out for yourself. See if he's the real deal or not. I enjoy his shi-ki karate. I think it's fun.

Someone earlier said he's over priced? I was listening to him talk and we wore talking about how if you paid 500 a month then you'd get level 5 training. "you pay for what you get" is what he said. but that if you paid less you'd still eventually get there. I pay 60 a month and haven't signed a contract. I don't think any of his student's pay the whole 500 dollars a month. That does sound pretty pricey to me. but he's a good guy who seems like he's sincere in helping out his students and I know he's helped out with people that have wanted to learn from him but haven't been able to pay for it. he's told me that if you want to teach you have to have a love for teaching, not for money.

The guys quite the character but I like him and his school. So come check it out and if you don't like it you don't like it. or if you think it's too suspicious then don't that's fine. but I do think part of the process of checking any Martial arts school out is going in yourself and witnessing first hand what's going on. and then going to another gym and see what they're doing different and so on until you figure out what you're looking for and what you want.
grats on bringing more attention to the shittyness of your school- im sure your grandmaster will appreciate this thread being bumped up on googles search list.