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    Zheng Manqing/Chen TJQ
    Rough translation:

    Announcer 1: I don't know <inaudible,> the winner of this fight...
    Announcer 2: Depending on who...
    Announcer 1: We will see. The main event of the evening is Alexander Emelianenko and Eddy Bengston. Emilianenko is on our left,for those who do not know...
    Announcer 2: He's bigger... (referring to Bengston)
    Announcer 1: He's bigger... has more tattoos, looks more athletic, we will see, mabe <inaudible> he is the more active, does not allow his opponent to do what he wants. He pushes off well, so that he is not successful <rough translation.>

    Announcer 2: No, he was not successful <inaudible> Bengston, <unknown terminology related to technique> unsuccessful...
    Announcer 1: That's Alexander Emelianenko... often suffered because of his nose

    Announcer 2:... and that's it.
    Announcer 1: That's ambiguous...
    Announcer 2: yes.

    Announcer 1: Is he alive?
    Announcer 2: What's wrong with him?
    <inadubile ballbing about Mike Tyson and Julius Frank, something about a professional boxer falling> (1:16)

    Announcer 2: They are showing Alexander's face. But what happened? Is this really the result of a jab?
    Announcer 1: Maybe he merely connected with the jaw

    <unknown terminology> the connection is heavy
    The woman asks for water to be brough.
    <more babbling over each other>

    An off-screen voice tells Emelianenko "It's ok"
    Announcer 1: That was a rather quick conclusion. Alexander is happy.
    I wouldn't say he's particularly happy
    Announcer 2: surprised

    <more incoherent babbling and stuttering> All year, all he ever had was 5 direct hits.(2:11) man hugging
    That's where I stopped watching.
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    I used to **** guys like you in prison.
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    Dude I kill people for a fucking living.


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    PROOF! that no touch knock out works! no seriously.. maybe the guy was sick or something.

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    Maybe MMA is finally old enough to feature no touch KOs. It's becoming a tma!

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    Can't blame him. If a former convict the size of Aleksander Emelianenko covered in gangster and nazi tattoos wanted to punch me, I'd curl up in the fetal position too. Otherwise he might get mad and call his brother.

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