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    Getting the Hot foot

    All right, I don't know if anyone has any guidance on this. Whenever I do chi kung or standing zheng zhang postures, my feet start to feel like they are on fire. It has been like this for years. Some times it gets really uncomfortable and it is hard to keep still.

    I have talked to some people about this. One instructor was impressed because according to him, it was a sign of great chi flow. I am not to sure about the existence of chi flow or not, but from what I know of the general theory it would be a sign of blockage to be in that much discomfort. Besides, being impressed doesn't help me a whit.

    Another guy advised me to curl my toes a little as if I was on bird on a telephone wire, being gentle so I don't introduce any great tension into my feet.

    That hasn't worked too much to provide relief.

    Once I start moving to do the form, things start to improve. The first few movements are painful and it is tough to keep my balance. But it becomes tolerable soon enough and eventually dissipates.

    Anyone ever encounter this before and have a solution?

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    I don't know what Chi Gung you are doing, but I know that if you let your toes grip the ground, things will be a lot less painful for you. I've had hot foot before, but not as painful.


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