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    As much as I love the martial arts, I'm pretty shamefully ignorant about MMA fighters. Tonight, it just occurred to me that my local Entertainment Tonight has a ton of UFC tapes, so I decided to check a few out. Any suggestions? I always heard that the earlier UFCs had a wider range of represented styles than the modern boxing/muay thai/wrestling/BJJ that we're so accustomed to. Is that true?
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    It truely was style vs style most fights, in early UFC's. Nothing like now where everyone literally HAS to crosstrain. Gone are the days when any one style ruled.

    There are some good early UFC's, but honestly, as much as I love Pride, UFC has had some great recent fights too. I almost look more forward to the new UFC's than I do "Prides" and that wasn't the case even two years ago for me.

    Still love watching V. Silva in Pride, wish he would jump ship & fight for the UFC, lol

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    Oh, also check out some Pride fighting videos, number 10, 8, are pretty good, & go from there

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