Franly I'm not sure what took us so long to get this fixed, but fear not good citizens, get it fixed we did. And by "we" I mean Tom Kagan and Wolf.

What, despite a giant link to "Videos" at the top of every page on this website you didn't have a clue that Bullshido has its own private version of YouTube here where you can upload your own videos and not have to worry about them getting the audio tracks removed or dealing with filtering through the comments of barely literate internet jerkwads?

Well yeah, we do. And now it works.

So for those of you, who for the past *cough* *mumble* months have tried unsuccessfully to upload your own videos, especially personal sparring footage, we apologize. Give it a shot now. I guarantee it works or my name isn't Major Colonel Jubal T. Boone Jefferson.

  1. Here be the link to BullTube.
  2. Here be the link for you to directly upload your videos where we will host them for free giving you peace of mind and a pieces of our minds.
  3. Here be the link where you can link to other videos on YouTube, Daily Motion, whatever, in a swanky organized manner that does not offend your friends or moderators and contributes greatly to this society we all love and cherish.
  4. Here be a link to one of the few genuinely funny webcomics on the Internet, only marginally related to anything.

And here be no link to explain why I be posting links in a pirate ebonics voice. (Afternoon coffee.)