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    A new Combatives Group is starting in San Diego. If you want to learn to defend yourself against attackers, work up a sweat, and learn simple, gross motor movements that will be effective in hairy situations, this might be for you.

    First Meeting is going to be Sunday, April 25th, time tbd.

    Please bring a cup (for the fellas), water, and other gear such as (but not limited to) Lacrosse pads, racquetball goggles, a mouth guard, shin guards, pads, etc

    We are working on a modified Fairbairn/Applegate

    First Meeting will include the following topics:

    Basic Strikes

    for more info, please email [email protected]

    CombativeSD is a free group that practices mixed martial arts, combatives, and self defense. We have some instruction, and lots of sparring. Emphasis is on stand up h2h, clinching, and groundwork.

    We just had our first meeting, and it was a great success. If you are in San Diego, check out CombativeSD on facebook or email [email protected]
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