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    Photos: WCK Muay Thai Primm, NV 04/17/2010

    Fight Photo Gallery

    Fight Results from WCK Muay Thai April 17 at Buffalo Bills Casino, in Primm, Nevada

    Bout 1 - Joey Pagliuso defeats Martin Hench via Unanimous decision
    Bout 2 - Chaz Mulkey defeats Menno Dijkstra via Unanimous decision
    Bout 3 - Scott Leffler defeated James Martinez via TKO (leg sweep) in round 2 at 1:25
    Bout 4 - Shawn Yarborough defeated Tom Munro via TKO in Round 1 at 1:31
    Bout 5 - Jemyma Betrian defeated Christine Toledo via unanimous decision
    Bout 6 - Craig Buchanan defeated Jack Thames via split decision
    Bout 7 - Damian Early defeated Carlos Quintano via TKO in Round 2 at :26
    Bout 8 - Melinda Tyler defeated Jamie Scolastico via unanimous decision
    Bout 9 - Artem Sharoshkin defeated Nick Chasteen via KO in Round 3 at 1:28
    Bout 10 - Andrew Miller defeated Sergio Valenzuela via split decision
    Bout 11 - Vadim Goberman defeated Matt Church via split decision
    Bout 12 - Anthony Castejone defeated Mike Madrid via unanimous decision
    Bout 13 - Genesis Bravo defeated Melanie Edwards via unanimous decision

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    Those are some great photos, did you take them?
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    Here's a video of the Jemyma Betrian vs Christine Toledo fight YouTube- Jemyma Betrian defeats Christine Toledo at WCK World Muay Th

    Pretty kick ass fight (wahh, if only I was about 5lbs lighter...)
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    Yeah, I shoot for the promoter.


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