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    Quote Originally Posted by FictionPimp View Post
    As someone new to boxing I see control a LOT differently then my old TKD instructor would.

    Last night I had to spar against a guy who has a lot more ring experience then I do (which isn't hard) and basically could drop me any time he wanted to. To me control was him providing me openings to teach me how to box and only hitting me to the point I was overwhelmed.

    This ment I could work on slipping, on my jab, on setting up good habits and every time I made a bad mistake I would feel a nice still jab or hook. It wasn't ment to knock me out, it was ment to hurt and teach me that I was making a mistake. If he had no control he would have followed up that stiff jab with a few more hard strikes and sent me to the canvas.

    Control was him knowing how much I could take and keeping me on the edge of defeat for 3 rounds while teaching me by providing openings and punishing my mistakes.

    God damn I love boxing.
    Do you see the key in your story that shows the flaw in our trolls thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by It is Fake View Post
    Do you see the key in your story that shows the flaw in our trolls thinking?

    When I was in TKD, lack of control was accidentally slaping a kid with a limp wrist during "sparing".

    Now that I'm a grown up, lack of control is beating a noob into the ground and calling him a *****.
    "a martial art that has no rules is nothing but violence" - Kenji Tomiki

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    The funny thing is, a lot of you probably think I was going off-topic with my rants against HereBeAMoron.

    We're discussing the value of pulling your punches as a demonstration of control and technical superiority, right?

    Who was pulling their punches and being a little priss in that exchange?

    Who attacked with full power and managed to control the entire conversation?

    Who won?

    Fill in the rest of the analogy, folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheMightyMcClaw View Post
    I used to do point karate.
    It is by far the most obnoxious sport I've ever done. Having a referee up in your business to declare that no one scored a point every ten seconds is just about as annoying as possible.
    I think the most annoying aspect of point karate is this - If you train with contact and not just tappy-tap bullshit, when you go into a tournament, every time the ref breaks you apart from your opponent will be exactly the point where the "fight" starts to develop. You'll be broken apart at the beginning of the exchange.

    For instance - your opponent may throw an entry technique like a front snap kick to the stomach, or a decent jab, or even some bullshit like a ridgehand. In order to land the technique, he totally sacrifices his balance and positioning. He barely touches you and puts himself in a position where you can now completely slaughter him......And he gets the point. Welcome to point karate.

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