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    Hey gnp, I don't think that he ever chose a particular brazilian instructor to train under. I know he trained with some of machado instructors that used to be in town, and other bjj instructors who were acquaintances. He definitely does teach bjj.

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    A Great No Nonsense Fight Gym

    Frank is one of the few trainers out there that can get you up to the skill level you need to fight professionally.

    I found out about IFA through a friend. I have practiced martial arts my entire life, and when I heard about the curriculum here I knew immediately what it was. It's one of the most comprehensive programs out there comparable to places like American Top Team (which I also checked out) and other top UFC fight schools. This is not a place where you earn belts; this is a place where you learn to win fights. You WILL learn how to win fights here. I have an entire closet full of belts, and I don't care about that; I care about winning. Frank Benn has been teaching MMA in central Texas since 1990. I have seen him take BJJ black belts to school like they were noobs.

    At IFA you will have the rare opportunity to be admitted to the inner sanctum of boxing. You will learn to see, move, and hit like a pro boxer. You will learn high level strategies in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that aren't taught at other schools. You will not wait six months to start sparring here.

    There are no titles of master or professor at IFA. The atmosphere here is friendly and unassuming. IFA is not here to take your money. IFA is here to teach you how to fight. Don't be scared. Not everyone here is professional fighter, most are just normal people like you.

    The stick and knife fighting class is also very good. I am trained with many weapons, I know how to beat most opponents with a weapon, and I can tell you that Frank is much much better than I am, and in my opinion he is better than anyone I have ever trained with.

    The bottom line here is pretty simple: this is the longest operating MMA gym in central Texas, and whether your goal is to learn self defense, get in shape, or go from zero to pro, IFA is a great place to do it.

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