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As I mentioned on YMAS, I'm going to be doing fight choreography for an independent movie over the summer. At one point in this film, there's a duel between a character wielding a shillelagh and a character wielding a saber. While i'm finding a decent number of resources for shillelagh techniques, I'm having a hard time finding stuff on how Ye Olde Sabers were used. I thought I saw a whole series of videos on the very subject on this forum, but now cannot seem to find them.
So yeah, any manuals/instructional videos on historical saber techniques would be much appreciated.
It is not my period, I know there is some 19th century polish sabre manuals around, and i have seen Napoleonic area and 1900 sabre manual.
Hutton is a good place to start but really they all do compare poorly with any backsword, Messer or long sword manuals.

Sabre in occident was no a weapon that was being taught as such until
the Napoleonic area.
Poland and Hungary are probably the exception to that and of course
in Turkish or Moguls influenced region that is a different story
Compared to backsword/spadon/cut and thrust whatever you want to call the sabre is a mono dimensional weapon just like any rapier after 1650.

What i am trying to get at is that if the story takes place in the 17-18th century using backsword/spadaon/epee manuals is not too far fetched or far from what happened