In 2007 "CHAMPION MARTIAL ARTS" won the best team cup/trophy at a NAGA event in Florida. This was accomplished with only kids 12 years old and under. I beleive the first and only time a JUDO school won this prestigious award. Unfortionatelly, it may well have been the last time, and may never happen again. It used to be one location = one team. Now A.T.T. has forced a rule change to many locations with one name = one team, by threatning NAGA to do so, or they (A.T.T.) would no longer support NAGA events. This way they (A.T.T.) insure themselves of the prize for all future events, due to the fact they run about a dozen clubs, all under the A.T.T. name. The new rule is unfair and unsportsman like. I realize money talks, and right now A.T.T. has all the cash, therefore the only ones NAGA listens to. I will continue to support NAGA events, but I wish they would return to one location = one team... its only fair.