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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranca View Post
    DerAuslander108, WTF?(I can tell you this DOES NOT stand for World Taekwondo Federation).

    What's your problem?
    First, I said the turtle press DVD "LOOKED LIKE" pure Muay Thais as in " I can not tell since I never watched it but by the trailer it looked like Muay Thai." Not saying it is or isn't. I don't know. I haven't seen it.

    About sticking to Olympic Taekwondo because "real" martial arts are too scary for me (whatever that means, any martial art is real martial art), as I said I train Muay Thai! Have also trained BJJ and Taekwondo. Because I know Muay Thai is why I said the Turtle press trailer looks like Muay Thai training for me. But then again it's like a 14 seconds trailer. Can't tell much. But the fighters even have Thai shorts and arm bends.

    Going back to calling Taekwondo not a real MA, this sounds pretty freaking tough coming from somebody who wears a Dobok in her avatar, if that's you. I just wonder how you are in person because anybody can talk smack behind a keyboard but if you have that attitude in person you must have you mouth full of toes all the time with all those yop chagis you eat for your uncalled attitude.
    Honestly, if you don't want to help stay out of the thread. Your uncalled attitude and rudeness tells me that you are an underachiever with too much to prove or just a flat out...
    Try to enjoy life a bit more and try to actually read what people write before replying.
    Dude! Calm down. Being Pulp Fictioned by your senior posters is part of what happens here. Pay it no mind.

    Besides, DerAuslander108 is NOT that hawt chick in the avatar. If he were, I'd be trying to make babies with him.

    Sorry, Der.
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    If you can still get Robert Young's KMAR (Korean Martial arts Resource) Newsletter he had in depth articles about Kun Gek Do & Kyo Too Ki.

    He also sold a videotape , shot in Korea, on Kyo Too Ki "Korean Streetfighting" which I bought. The KTK on this tape was practiced in a TKD uniform. It was a definite style, not just a rules set. I think it is a lot like Sanda in that way; a style and a rules set.

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