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    1973 Shotokan Tournament

    Just some fun old narrated (wish I knew whose voice that was, sounds familiar) footage I came across:


    I've always found it interesting to watch the true old-timers and see how their stances could be so dramatic and devoid of Western boxing influence. It really shows the Japanese swordsmanship influence of several of the early Shotokan bbs/teachers.

    I wish I could be cool and say I keep a tight boxing guard up at all times, but I don't, though I'm not nearly as melodramatic as the classics, i.e. guys in the video. Their guard is much more slanted towards drawing the person into attacking where they want in order to counter than protecting themselves (mine being more slanted towards D like a normal person).

    P.S. Yahara is one of my favorites. I'm not one of those people who followed all the various Shotokan people in history and knows every last thing about them like they're NBA players, I just trained the art, but if I were in Japan he's someone I would try to train with. (Though I wouldn't be focusing on Shotokan if there. Kudo for the win!)

    Edit: Why God can't I embed YT videos anymore? What am I doing wrong?
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