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Thread: FMA LARPers?

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    I teach PTK but I don't own anything camo nor do I wear anything military related for training. I wear train running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt in class. Once in a while, I wear hiking pants, especially when we have an outdoor class. The mosquitos can be really nasty year round around here. I do understand why some will think that all PTK people are into the whole military / spec ops look but not everyone in PTK is into that.

    As for the multiple knives on student for training, I don't see the need for it. If we practice disarms, some of my students will have one additional knife in a back pocket and pick up their dropped weapons after every two disarms. That's probably the extent of any "multiple blade" carrying that we do in training.

    As a Catholic, I don't see why I should wear anything islamic or identified with the muslims in mindanao.

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    We use rigs in my club and I like it for the same reasons drillpogodrill mentioned.

    It makes drills much more fluid for the defender since there are less frequent breaks although not necessarily overall shorter.

    It conditions a habit of reaching for a backup weapon when disarmed instead of bending to the ground for the one you dropped.

    It not only makes the defender more accustomed to draws from different locations, but the attacker as well. That is if you make a habit of randomly making different draws every time... something I usually try to do.

    It gives the defender improvisational options of drawing the attacker's visible backup weapons and use them against him during a counter/disarm.

    Projectile training... where I personally feel that fluidity is a must. If you are going to walk the distance to retrieve the knife for every throw it's going to take decades to develop that skill. With backup knives you can make adjustments more easily during a succession of throws.

    Each to their own but those are some of the reasons why I train with multiple knives... and yes, they are overprized so I don't expand my arsenal very often.

    As for carrying a bandoleer of knives in public... perhaps if you're auditioning for the next Robert Rodriguez movie. :icon_roll

    Don't care too much about dress codes. I'm relieved that we don't dress like circus clowns but even if we did, I'd still give my instructor the benefit of a doubt since he teaches some damn good stuff.

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