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    Swinging a heavy club, so what? MORE SONNON BS!!!!!!!!

    heavy clubs - what's the big deal?
    I'd like the help of the board experts here. I at first triedposting this over on Sonnon's forum at rmax.tv, but I didn't receive a satisfactory reply. It seems that the Dinstinguished Master of Sports Scott Sonnon “invented” the “clubBELL” just a dusted off relic of old Indian clubs originally created from native American war clubs.

    Heere's Sonnon with his "clubBELL" on his latest crap-zine:
    So this guy can swing a 45lbs club. So what? I can bench on a good day 305lbs. Whats the big frickin deal?
    Is this **** legit or is it just some composite of rehashed pseduoscientific spin? Ive heard about him wrestling, but I dont give a damn if he's a world sombo champ. It's just wrestling and there's absolutely no way anyone could argue that fact that wrestling and coaching strength conditioning have ANYTHING to do with one another.

    So for the records dont get huffy. I'm not a troll, but I call it like I see it. So who here has actually seen REAL results (not paid endorsements)??? Please don’t jump on the gravy train if your one of these putz Russian martial arts instructors with an affiliate program. It’s obvious that you Systema guys are getting PAID to say this **** works.

    I only want to hear from people who are NOT financially involved with RMAX. this includes all of the fighers who Sonnon BOUGHT in order to claim that real men use his stuff so spare me that Egan Inoue and Andrei Arlovsky are using clubBELLS. They obviously sold out.

    just smoke and mirrors and his heavy clubBELL swinging is just tricks for kids? Splain me, puh-leese.

    CST Not!

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    This motion he's doing would probably work his biceps, triceps, shoulders and back all at once. Also, most of the weight is at the opposite end of the handle so his grip and forearms would probably benefit greatly.

    EDIT: he's also using his quads so it's a full body lift. A lot like an olympic dead lift.
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    Is it really that hard to understand.

    It works your muscles in a slightly different way to regular weight lifting.
    The same as kettlebell lifting.

    What does lying flat on your back and pushing
    a straight bar vertically have to do with anything ?
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    Oh boy. Another meathead gymrat idiot who thinks the only exercise with any value is the squat, deadlift, or bench press.

    It's just another way to work your muscles in a different fashion than the linear movements you use at the gym. Give it a try before you decry it so loudly!

    Indian clubs and kettlebells are excellent plateau-busters and swinging a heavy club will give you core stability like no other exercise.

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    You can get some of those fancy clubs that weigh in at 45 pounds.

    Like I always say to my girlfriend "thats a two-hander baby"

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    swinging a heavy club will give you core stability like no other exercise.
    except maybe overhead squats
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