My name is Wesley, I am twenty years old and live in Alabama around the Prattville area. I have had a standing interest in martial arts my whole life, but aside from a few months of TKD I have had not formal training.

On the side, if anyone knows a good school in the Prattville area, let me know. Anyway, I'll be honest, I'm asthmatic and way overweight, but if I had the chance I would come into a Dojo with a iron lung strapped to my back if it meant I could learn a real martial art. I could care less about getting belts or wearing cool uniforms , medals, patches, trophies and all that, i just want to learn how to break some **** down if I had to and because I just love the Martial arts .

Anyway, I'm a tender and I know it, but I'll work my ass off {literally more then likely} to become a legit bad-ass.

So, ya'll forgive my chatter. I look forward to talking with you guys and leanring what I can.