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    An ad for bullshido on Bullshido, not unexpected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
    To reiterate, because this thread might come up in a search for a future, similar situation.

    For the majority of the ads displayed here, the site is either selected by the advertiser directly, or because it showed up in a list of sites based on a keyword search. Other times, they're simply selected by the ad provider based on the keywords in the page.

    So in many cases, Bullshido was actually chosen specifically to run the ads. And since it would be a full-time job turning away idiots' money, it's not something that's exactly high on the priority list.
    To clarify even more: Often the ads for "no touch" KOs and the such come up because they have been discussed here often (obviously regarding their BS), the keywords from those threads generate the ridiculous ads.

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