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    "Somebody Do Something!!!!!1!"

    For whatever reason, a lot of people come into MABS, see a thread, get indignant, and demand that something be done! Sometimes they suggest a specific item in need of further research; at other times, they just assert that the matter is urgent and somebody's gotta do something!

    They rarely, if ever, get around to offering to do anything.

    Well, guess what? This is a volunteer site, and if you want something done, do it!

    We're not the police. We don't have the funding or the authority to pursue other people's issues. If something is not getting done, it is because the other volunteers are busy. Don't wait to become one of the anointed -- go out and do the work!

    We don't need freelance supervisors to tell us what needs to be done. We can set our own priorities. If you put in some work and advance an investigation usefully, maybe then you will have standing to suggest what it would be useful to do.

    Until then, get busy or get quiet. Indignation is cheap. Information has value.

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    This is very true. And before you bring this information back here, ask yourself the following question. "If the subject of the investigation, called B.S. on my claims, how would I prove a specific fact." Assemble evidence which someone else can double check, if you are basing your conclusions on what you observed firsthand, people are probably going to ask some questions to make sure you are providing a true and reliable account.

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    bump, I'm making it a sticky again.

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    One more time, especially relevant lately.


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