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    It was back in '75 when i first met the Messiah.

    We were running black ops out at some shithole in Laos, and the heroin runners ran us into a trap like we were a bunch of wetear amateurs. Which, come to think of it was exactly what Major Haller was. Well, he sure did get his "combat experience", right between the goddamn eyes. We were completely surrounded and the fuckers had backed off to wait for nightfall. They didn't have the balls to come for us in daylight, probably thought there were more of us left than the three of us.

    Kowalski was halfway through his SOS before he was ripped to shreds by the same burst that busted my leg, so we had no idea whether help was coming or not.
    So there we laid in a single pothole, all covered in Kowalski's brains and our own blood. Could see right away that Rog wouldn't last the night with his lung punctured, and Ben was stuck with just his Colt. His right arm was probably still grasping the MG somewhere in the woods.
    Turned out Rog wasn't one to wait, he bit the bullet one hour from sundown.
    ****, just one hour short from salvation, how fucked up is that?

    What i mean is, we planned we would make a run for it (Crawl in my case) at sundown, but then we heard a plane. A Phantom screaming over low and hard. We thought they were just going to bomb the **** out of the place to get rid of the evidence, but instead it pulled up in a loop and someone jumped out.
    Fucker pulled at the last possible moment and came in hard about 300 feet from us. We could instantly hear the runners zero in on the landing point.
    Ben screamed "We have to help that crazy bastard", and ran into the jungle and i followed on all fours as fast as i could, crying and swearing on every single pull.

    The gunfire had already stopped when i reached him. I found ben standing over a corpse dressed only in an off-white tunic and army boots, holding a still-smoking SAW and mangled to hell and back by a truckload of 7.62.
    Ben turned to meet me, ashen-faced. "He killed all of them. Every single one. Who the **** was this guy". His voice was barely a whisper.
    My retort died in my mouth when i saw the figure stumble on his feet, spit out some blood and speak out in a voice used to command.
    "Never you mind that, i'm here to get your sorry asses out. The REMF's wanted to napalm this place but i persuaded the pilot otherwise. We're moving to your original exfil and see if we can still catch a ride."
    I was at a complete loss of words, but Ben had a scared, crazy glint in his eyes as he pointed his 1911 at the guy.
    "Hold up, just what the **** is all this. You were fuckin' dead,so exactly how in the immediate **** are you ordering us around?"

    Jesus didn't give the cocked gun a single look as strode past him.
    "I figured you guys don't have the time to wait for three days", he said in a faraway tone of voice.

    "Let's get moving, we need to move 30 clicks before daybreak", he grunted after effortlessly hoisting me on his shoulders. "Think you can handle that, boys?"

    We did, but ****, that's a story for an another time.
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