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    Richard Gilliland, Fake Navy SEAL, exposed

    The late Richard Gilliland was a North Carolina karate instructor who claimed to have been a Navy SEAL in Vietnam. He also claimed several black belts, including one in judo. Unfortunately, the record is clear: Gilliland was never a SEAL, he never fought in Vietnam, and his highest known rank in judo was three grades below a black belt. His criminal history also calls his ethical judgment into question.

    Read the article.

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    Why is it that every wanna-be spec op was an "ex-Navy SEAL", or a Marine Sniper? That gets flippin' old.

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    This is my opinion but, as we have seen in other investigations and documents provided by our own military guys, Expert a marksman qualification is somewhat easy to get. When I say this, I mean in the way that it takes to train on the guns.

    Then these guys can produce a cert saying I qualified as an Expert marksman. Honestly, if I wasn't currently being educated by bullshido and others about the military I would buy the story.

    You get Expert Marksman qualified on a weapon then, you can run around lying and most people won't know what it entails. Then as a "special ops" guy you can throw around the "I'd have to kill you" or "Confidential" line to avoid producing real documents.

    Again this is my opinion not a fact.


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