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I take it you were in the trials then?
you are taking me a bit out of context. i also said there are still a handful of dedicated wrestlers.

having said that, i do think might have had a chance in greco. i never had the opportunity to compete in greco, as my university team didn't support greco. about half the people i knew in wrestling were, iranians, iraqis and peruvians and lot of these imports did greco and i trained with them a bit. because my amplitude throws were good, and my balance/clinch wrestling was good, i might have had a chance, if i trained full-time in greco for a couple of years. winning it, and even winning a single match there, however is an entirely different story, but, i allow myself to be delusional sometimes.

as to freestyle, which i did compete in a little bit, i lost a lot more than i've won. i 'was' too dumb and i could not shake the judo-ness out of me. for me at least, the transition was too great. some judo guys do great in wrestling right away, but i style and my general suckiness didn't fair well in competitions.

anyway, i share my experience because just because someone is excellent in one discipline, does not necessarily mean that the person will excel in another discipline, which i think we are at somewhat of an agreement by now. it is possible GSP can do it, but he'll have to prove it first.