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    Gathering of the Circle 2010

    Gathering of the Circle 2010

    The Annual Jiulong Baguazhang Gathering of the Circle with Dr. John Painter

    This week-long post-convention workshop follows the Tai Chi Gala. Led by one of the most famous teachers of baguazhang (pa kua chang), Dr. John Painter. This powerful Chinese internal art is known for its sophisticated spiraling martial applications. Grab a cup of tea, relax, and read below what incredible treasures are in store for you...


    After the success of our 2009 program featuring qigong, bagua palm raining and instructors workshops, we've decided to continue this theme into the 2010 Gathering.

    Morning Training will be devoted to Quiet Sitting Meditation and the powerful Ji-Haoma Qigong ("Lucky Number Direction" in English). This is an art of personal feng shui for mind and body that allows you to draw the most powerful earth and sky energy. Ji Haoma Feng Shui helps us order our lives to live in harmony with nature’s laws.

    This art is a method designed by the Li family of Sichuan Province, China, to tap into what the Chinese call "Dragon Veins" (magnetic energy of the earth) for the absorption of qi energy. Students learn how to orient in a direction of personal power for meditation and standing qigong and special circle walking holding postures designed to harmonize the body with the electromagnetic energy of the earth and the natural energy from the sun and moonlight that affects hormonal and chemical balance. Some of this knowledge is based on common sense and on ancient philosophy found in Daoism and the Yijing (I-Ching) as well as the Chinese lunar and solar calendars.

    This method is a section of the late Master Li, Ching Yuen’s practice of qigong known as "Long Wudao Qigong" (Dragon Dancing Vital Energy Skill) from his personal baguazhang tradition. The complete Dragon Dancing art was passed down to the Li family of Sichuan province China where it came to be know as "Ba Gua Wu Xian" (8 Trigram Dances of the Immortals). The art was in turn passed from Master Li, Long-dao to Dr. John Painter. The Ji-Haoma program will be presented complete with you, the student, receiving your personally customized feng shui directions and baguazhang qigong postures for heightened internal healing and longevity energy.

    We will delve into a study of the spiraling palm, "Luoxuan Zhang," AKA the "Earth Palm." Like a mother who controls things with gentle power, earth energy rotates rapidly yet is stable like a spinning top. Earth energy is a spiraling energy used in the same way an arrow or bullet spinning in flight stabilizes itself. This spiraling energy (jin) can suck an outside force into its center or deflect an advancing energy from its rapidly turning surface. It can be offensive or defensive, making use of projections, throws and strikes that occur so quickly and softly that an attacker has no time to mount a defense.

    Luoxuan Zhang is the way of the true gentle warrior. To become skilled in Jiulong Earth Palm we must study balance points, methods of attack and deflection, and we must come to understand the diverse ways in which the body can react, avoid, spin, flow and move. We must know our own weaknesses and formulate an invincible defense to protect them. Through this knowledge we come to know not only our enemy but also ourselves! This program is open to beginners through advanced students and new students are also welcome.

    Shifu Robert Castaldo, Jiulong Baguazhang instructor trainer of "The Gompa" in Arlington Texas, will present an instructors training program for new and established Jiulong teachers. This program will cover a wide array of in-depth methods for learning Jiulong Baguazhang basics, and curriculum & instructional methods used by our top Jiulong Baguazhang teachers. You should be enrolled in our teachers training program or be an established instructor of JBGZ to attend this program.

    During the second half of the afternoon all students and instructors will join Dr. Painter's class working on the Earth Palm applications.

    All instructors, students and beginners interested in Jiulong Baguazhang are invited to attend this special 5-day program sponsored by The Gompa and Alpha State Events.

    The Early Bird price is only $399 for this entire week-long event! Register now to guarantee your space

    FYI The "Tai Chi Gala" started out as Master Jou's "Zhang San Feng Festival"

    "Zhang San Feng" (also spelled: Chang, San-Feng) is the legendary founder of the art of taijiquan (tai chi chuan) in old China. His birthday is often celebrated by tai chi enthusiasts in China and abroad with various "Zhang San Feng Festivals." In America, the Zhang San Feng Festival was founded by best-selling author and tai chi grandmaster teacher, Jou Tsung Hwa. Master Jou held America's largest Zhang San Feng Festival at his school and retreat center, "Tai Chi Farm" (Warwick, NY) from the mid-1980's to 1998. Master Jou's purpose in hosting the Zhang San Feng Festival was so that people could share knowledge, skills, opinions and wisdom about the art of tai chi chuan and its related practices. The environment was one of camaraderie and positive energy. People of all different abilities, ages, interests and backgrounds gathered peacefully at this awe-inspiring event.

    During the 1990's, the Zhang San Feng Festival was directed and managed by his apprenticed student, Loretta M. Wollering. In that time she helped grow the Zhang San Feng Festival from 200 attendees to over 500, until Master Jou's fatal car accident in 1998. She resurrected the Zhang San Feng Festival and ran it with her then-spouse until their split in 2009. People had suggested that Wollering change the name of the event to differentiate it from other Zhang San Feng Festivals held by other tai chi groups, as well as to change the title to: 1) something easier for Westerners to spell and pronounce, and 2) to include a byline that was more inclusive to all internal arts practitioners as well as giving due credit to Master Jou and Great Grandmaster, Zhang San Feng. Thus, the name of the event was changed to: "Tai Chi Gala - An Internal Arts Convention in Memory of Jou Tsung Hwa and Zhang San Feng." This event, "Tai Chi Gala" is under the production and supervision of Loretta M. Wollering.

    Through the decades, the event hosted a sampling of some of the biggest and brightest professionals in the Chinese Internal Arts, such as (listed in random order): Dr. John Painter, Dr. Yang Jwing Ming, Master Wang Ren Gang, Master Tina Zhang, Master Wm. C.C. Chen, Sf. William C. Phillips, Master Henry Look, Master Jianye Jiang, Dr. Gary Torres, Master Ren Guangyi, Master Tchoung Ta Tchen, Sf. Pat Rice, Dr. Yang Yang, Master B.P. Chan, Master T. K. Shih, Master Fong Ha, Sf. Katy Cheng (daughter of Cheng Man Ching), Gene Ching of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine, Marvin Smalheiser of Tai Chi Magazine, Sf. Pedro Cepero-Yee and "Yee's Hung Ga" award-winning Lion Dance Troupe, and many, many more...

    At this convention there truly are treasures for EVERYONE to discover. From seasoned martial arts experts looking to finesse their skills with rare knowledge and techniques, to people searching for seminars that go deep ino the spiritual and meditative side of the ancient Chinese arts, to people looking for healing and energy development in workshops related to qigong (energy work) and the secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Some workshops are very active in nature, and others are very leisurely. Above all, the presenters at this convention are highly experienced - having taught very large groups and often having authored books and videos - and at the same time, they are very friendly - ensuring a respectful environment where everyone feels welcome and motivated. And there's a great vendors' area as well!

    Some people come alone to this convention, and leave brimming with smiles, incredible knowledge, new friends and the memories of a lifetime. Others come along with a large group of friends with whom they can relax, discuss, and practice their newly learned skills. You can learn more in these few days than you would in years, and you will meet more fascinating, like-minded individuals in this one place than anywhere else. Come and soak up the positive energy - we're looking forward to meeting you!

    Be sure to read the Presenter Bios and Gala Workshops Info!
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