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    The Zhang San Feng Festival 2010

    brothers and sisters,

    Yours truly is going to be presenting a selection of martial arts workshops at the 2010 Zhang San Feng Festival which is going to be held at the Hudson Valley Resort!

    I will be presenting three workshops along with many other outstanding teachers.

    Come out and support Chinese martial arts!

    Shaping The Wedge and The Ball of Jiulong Baguazhang
    Instructor: Shizi Dale Dugas

    Jiulong Baguazhang is a unique and powerful system of bagua that is taught with simple concepts and exercises that can be applied to many arts. One of the most effective concepts from the Jiulong system is the “wedge” and the “ball”. In this workshop, Shizi Dale Dugas of Boston Baguazhang will introduce you to these simple but effective concepts. You will learn how train them for your own practice, and how to utilize them in both healing and self defense applications. Join Shizi Dugas he teaches you old school techniques for today’s practice.

    Grasping the 18 Hands of the Lohan
    Instructor: Shizi Dale Dugas

    According to history, the legendary Da Mo (Bodhidharma), came to the Shaolin temple and saw that the monks had difficulty staying awake during prolonged meditation. To solve the problem, Da Mo eventually devised three distinct exercise sets, designed to strengthen the monks and increase their health. These exercises eventually formed the basis of what we now know as Shaolin kungfu. In this workshop, Shizi Dale Dugas will teach you one of these powerful qigong sets, the “18 Hands of the Lohan.” You will receive step by step instructions for each posture and exercise. You will also learn how to use the system to improve your health, and increase your internal power. Join Shizi Dugas as he helps you grasp, the 18 hands of the Lohan.

    Tui Shou to Shuai Jiao: Giving Yourself the Edge in Push Hands
    Instructor: Shizi Dale Dugas

    Shuai Jiao is a grappling martial art, developed in the Zhou Dynasty, between the 12th and 13th centuries. Considered the oldest existing Chinese martial art in the world, it is comprised of throwing techniques, strikes, blocks, joint locks, and attacks on pressure points. Tui Shou taijiquan, better known as push hands, is a precursor to sparing which is designed to train listening skills and control of opponents. In this workshop, Shizi Dale Dugas of Boston Baguazhang will teach you how to merge the ancient techniques of Shuai Jiao with the complex skills of push hands, to give you the edge in any situation. You will learn how to blend throws, strikes and joint locks, with your listening skills. Join Shizi Dugas in this “hands on” workshop that marries the oldest martial art, with the most complex.

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    Looks like you will be a busy man, Dale.
    Have fun and have a great turnout.


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