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    I've seen all sort of point systems, like where leg kicks are worth one, body kicks are worth two, and a kick to the head or one that is spinning or jumping is worth 3.

    At the tournaments I hold, once you are 13 you simply fight a one minute round and each of the three judges awards a point to person they thought won based on clean, effective striking, effective agression, and ring control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punisher View Post
    So like any good competitor I adjusted to the rules and kicked the crap out of my opponents legs. I was landing and landing hard, but I wasn't getting any points. Then the head ref said my kicks "were too sloppy" and I had to use "proper form" and snap my leg back to a chambered position. So I made an adjustment again and started scoring point after point.
    Some people really need to learn how a muay thai roundhouse kick works and stop insisting that everything starts and ends in a chambered position, or their students and themselves will be limiting the power of their kicks tremendously.

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