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    Bryan Lee Bondurant - A Response.

    Bryan Lee Bondurant, known on Bullshido as ar549, was a controversial poster. His odd combination of virtues and vices made him a memorable, yet ultimately frustrating, member of the Bullshido community. His obsession with military service dominated his agenda, yet he was evasive about his own military past. He often demanded disclosure from others that he was unwilling to reciprocate, and this contributed to his unpopularity.

    Bondurant was eventually investigated by Cy Q. Faunce, the findings can be read in full here

    Bondurant has recently published his own "investigation" on myself however unlike Bullshido, Bondurant's website does not cater for free discussion, only allowing for "comments" to be added, as such the following is my response to Bryan Lee Bondurant, I have started this thread to allow him to respond if he so chooses.

    I have chosen to post my response here because I doubt Bondurant's honesty or willingness to allow a free discussion on his own website.

    Remembering back to 2006, Dave Humm never claimed to be military. In fact he was running an Aikido Dojo in Grimsby England back then and most of his posts seemed to be about Aikido. The point is everything he posts as of 2008 revolves around military so why would he not make military claims in 2006? The answer is obvious, he was not in the military in 2006.
    That is absolutely correct, I was not in the service of any branch of the UK Forces at the time, I am therefore unable to grasp why Bondurant would state the obvious because I never claimed to be in the forces at the time.

    It appears that sometime after he joined the Bullshido forum he joined the RAF Reserves.
    Correct, following a compulsory callout for mobilisation.

    If Dave Humm is/was military why did he never state his rank?
    No one ever asked me at the time, and I never made any claims of a particular rank because prior to my mobilisation, as previously stated, I wasn't in the armed forces

    According to the Grimsby Telegraph a local English news outlet Dave Humm as of March 26, 2009, held the rank of Senior Aircraftman.
    The article further revealed that Dave Humm as of March 2009 was not regular military as he claimed but was in fact a Reservist in the Royal Air Force.
    ... And for the second time, that is correct, there never was an issue about my rank at any time, I was never asked what rank I held following or during my mobilisation. The article Bondurant refers too was WRITTEN BY ME and submitted with the approval of the Media Ops team in Basra. I didn't deceive anyone of my rank, I actually INFORMED people of my rank.

    This would be of little matter outside of the fact Dave Humm decided to hide his rank and military status while at the same time presenting himself as a career military man in his forties which insinuates a supervisory position with military rank of E-6 or higher.
    The "deception" is perceived by those who wish a deception to exist. I have never "hidden" my military rank, I was never asked.
    The "insinuation" is also perceived by those who wish it to exist to suit their agenda.

    According to other records posted he was in and out of the military at least two times earlier in his life. Evidently both times he chose to or was asked to leave the military only to return later to RAF Reserves
    I challenge Bondurant to produce those "records". If asked I would happily inform whomever that I have served in an Army Infantry unit and (now) twice served in the RAF Regiment. I have also served within the Army 's Youth Organisation as an instructor and, as part of an infantry wing instructional team within an Officer Training Corps.

    I have never been asked to leave any engagement period, the suggestion, is Bondurant attempting to create an aire of suspicion over my integrity. As I stated, I challenge Bondurant to produce said "records"
    What I find interesting is whatever it was that was going on with him, how in the world do you end up being a 43-year-old PV2 in 2009? I ask that as a 40 something year old Retired Army PV2 myself. In my case I was Retired in 1990 so not eligible for promotion after retirement. In the case of Dave Humm, only the dogs know.
    The answer is very simple, it has been explained already, I was mobilised at the age of 42 to serve in support of a regular unit.

    When Bondurant attempts to compare my service with his, he fails to mention that he managed just 23 months without operational experience.

    Another observation about Dave Humm and his military claims was that none of the pictures he provided until late 2009 ever showed his military rank. This was clearly an act of deception on his part to hide his rank status.
    This "observation" isn't based on knowledge. An RAF Regiment SAC does not wear a rank slide on a uniform. Again there has been no deception, pictures of me as an SAC will not show a rank.

    in March 2010 Dave Humm signed onto the Leatherneck U.S. Marine forum and continued his rank deception by not stating his military rank in his profile
    There is no requirement to state one's military rank when signing up for that forum when you are not a US Marine. My status on that particular website is as a "Marine Friend".

    There was no deception.

    Back in 2006 when Dave Humm first made contact with me he was evidently running the dojo “East Coast Aikikai” as his occupation.
    Incorrect, this is an assumption on Bondurant's part. I have never been a full time martial arts instructor, nor have I ever claimed to be.

    He also let on that he was an experienced prison guard but there has been no evidence he was.
    What evidence need there be? Again Bondurant attempts to debunk a non-fiction

    Dave Humm admits he was running a National Aikido website on his own in the past and it is now offline. The reason its offline is simple, he lacked the credibility within the Aikido community of England to run the site.
    Again this is another ill-informed assumption on the part of an individual clutching at straws.

    It is a fact that I once ran a National Aikido website, I later devoted a large portion of that site to investigating Jack Poole and the British Aikido Board. (Read the formal investigation here at .org) At the resolution meeting which finally took place, one of the agreements was that I remove the investigative material, I decided to drop the entire website as it was essentially known for the controversy surrounding the investigation, not because it lacked credibility, as suggested by Bondurant.

    He then ended up in the middle of a feud among Aikido Dans of England over which fake was more fake than the rest of the fakes.
    Here Bondurant again illustrates his lack of actual knowledge, there was one fake, some supported him some didn't, such is the way with these matters.

    Dave Humm himself admits to his deceptions about Aikido Rank after being called out for dishonesty concerning his credentials
    I did no such thing, and was never "called out". The situation Bondurant refers too is clearly presented in black and white on his own website, in MY OWN WORDS, I clearly and concisely discuss what the situation was, my opinions and actions at the time and, the post on Aikiweb was actually canvassing other people's opinions for future reference.

    A couple years later Dave Humm hypocritically added military information into his signature without stating his military rank
    Membership of the forum Bondurant refers too is Aikiweb, and there's no requirment to list or illustrate a military or martial arts rank as part of the site's terms or conditions of use.

    There was no deception
    The Dave Humm fight challenge tells much about the Bullshido website and it purpose, they have no interest in fighting, only drama.
    Bondurant needs to grow up, he never once mentions the real facts surrounding why he ducked his meet with "Fatherdog". That Bondurant himself had alluded to far more of a military career than he actually had and when informed that Fatherdog would have with him someone who could validate his Mil ID - Bondurant backpeddled - those facts are here to read within the investigation thread.

    Dave Humm has been dishonest about his status, job skills, rank, length of service, and other facts regarding his military service. His military rank up until late 2009 was that of an E-2 which has been confirmed by multiple sources
    This supposed "dishonesty" is nothing more than a clutch as straws from a man with a bitter agenda.

    As a traditional Martial Artist he has questionable skills and ranks.
    Not true, I am more than happy to present my ranks if asked.

    I have at least one former student here on this site whom I'm sure if asked will offer his opinion as to my "skills"
    He claims to be an investigator,
    There's no claim, see the .org tag above my name. So far I have INVESTIGATED four individuals, there is no claim, its a fact.

    ..//.. instructor, and military expert through his Bullshido Martial Arts Forum membership.
    I hold a nationally recognised instructor qualification, again I can produce this upon request, I have been professionally trained in a professional military environment and can produce evidence to that effect. I have served operationally, this is again a fact.

    He likes to refer to himself as Hugo Stiglitz a make-believe fantasy military character.
    I have held many forum alias here, all of which are nothing more than for "shits and giggles" many people here will remember that I have also operated here under my real name more than once and all four of my investigations are written under my real name. Bryan Lee Bondurant cannot say the same as he always operated on Bullshido as AR549

    He has made many personal attacks on the internet to create drama
    I must hold my hands up here but I'm sure I'm no different then to others, such as Bryan Lee Bondurant and Ralph Severe to name but two very recent people.

    He has no documented fight record nor any known history of fighting. He has a limited amount of dojo martial arts credibility and has no street credibility as a fighter.
    I have never claimed to have any of the above.

    Dave Humm is a liar about his military background. Dave Humm is a liar about his military rank. Dave Humm is a liar about his military status. Dave Humm is a liar about his combatives and martial arts training. Dave Humm is a liar about his combatives and martial arts history. Dave Humm is a liar about his combatives and martial arts skills. Dave Humm is a liar about his combatives and martial arts ranks
    Thus far I haven't seen a single DOCUMENTED instance in support of any of the above statements.

    What I have seen and read is a lot of agenda driven gibberish and ill-informed data.

    Mr. Bondurant, your webhosting company has been served with a copy-write infringement notice, I also invite you to join me here and offer you the opportunity to produce evidence of the accusations you've presented on bullshito.net.

    Dave Humm
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    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    Dave, you are the man. These idiots that are coming after our community are tosspots(I got that froma British movie). You had no need to explain yourself to anyone, but you did anyway. I say, Bravo Sir!!!!

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    Okay, this is MABS let's not turn this into a backslapping fest. No offense meant to Dave as I know that is not his intent.

    I'd like to point out something that Bryan loves to trumpet. Dave is in the British Military Forces. Although there are similarities, the US and UK MILITARY ARE NOT THE SAME.

    This is one of the hypocritical actions that plagues Bryan's character. He complains about people, especially non-military personnel, trying to look at his records claiming they do not understand because they did not serve. Yet, here he sits, trying to disparage Dave, with Bryan's 23 MONTHS of non-active duty service in the American Military machine over Two decades ago. He hasn't served in the UK military forces.


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    He seems delusional and probably unable to construct an actual train of logic. Even though he brought this on himself it still feels like beating up the retarded kid just because he's retarded.

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    Dave, are you still over in afghanistan? When do you think you will be able to produce these documents? The earlier you do the faster we can go back to ignoring that idiot

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    I'm not in Afghanistan.

    I can produce the documentation at any time. Two documents were previously submitted and seen by staff with regards to my military status.

    Bondurant needs to present his evidence first, he is the one making the allegations.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

    ~Ella Wheeler

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    Bondurant is the king of the inflammatory suggestion. He makes much of the fact that you did not state various things that were not true -- i.e., you didn't lie. Except he'd likely say: "Dave Humm didn't not fail to lie."

    By contrast, Bondurant's paltry record speaks volumes. He tried to represent himself as an elite veteran who was still under some military obligation, when in fact he had less than a year of service in which he was of any use to his country, and was discharged at a rank which strongly suggests punitive action.

    He's a punk and he has neither the investigative technique nor the judgment to bring down the real fakes. In fact, he is now in the business of defending actual fakes, as evidenced by his email to the POW Network demanding that they take Ruchard Guerra's entry off of their list of phonies and wannabes. He never quite gets around to explaining how several of his students, a newspaper reporter, and a user account under his email on a forum of his former shipmates, all came to support the idea that he had made such a claim.

    Fakes defend fakes, I guess, but it's sad to watch him destroy the tiny bit of usefulness he once possessed in pursuit of false victories.

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    Oh, and now Bryan is attacking Mark Tripp as a "Judo fake and fraud":

    Quote Originally Posted by Bryan Lee Bondurant
    Then Mark Tripp the Judo fake and fraud, A guy who is known in the Judo world as a complete bullshit artist threatens to murder Mr. Ralph Severe if he ever posts anything he should not post on the internet. He goes on to claim that Mr. Ralph Severe is not “right in his head” without ever noticing that he needs make believe black belt couch counsiling for his delusional threatening to kill a man on the internet.
    Anyone who doubts MTripp's judo credentials can go study them:

    Odd claim against Mark Tripp's credentials, his response. - No BS MMA and Martial Arts

    The accusation that Tripp threatened Ralph's life is laughable. Tripp wanted to meet Severe at an open mat. Severe wants to meet his detractors in a vacant area near a county road, probably to dry-gulch them. Who's the dangerous lunatic, again?

    If I ever see evidence that Dave Humm made a false or misleading claim, I'll check it out. Until that unlikely day, I'll consider the source.

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    First, lets quote me correctly. I said "If ANYONE were to post things on the internet that would be harmful to my family, they would be dead." I said it, I meant it, and anyone who would ignore it does so at their peril.

    You see, this is all old stuff for me. From the AOL boards, to the Underground, to here, I have had people say and do some silly stuff. When I had the dojo, people came down looking for trouble, and those who did were easily handled, personally.

    People began posting my home address, when I was there or at the dojo, and when my wife was there alone. That was handled as well. Things at the Underground got so bad someone came to the club and loosened the lug nuts on my car. THAT is the real reason I walked away from the Underground, I was about to have to kill someone, and I really wanted to avoid that. I will if I can, but I will only be pushed so far.

    As to Ralph and this ass clown, two words "Michigan Militia." My days with Mark Scott (radio legend in Detroit, look him up) brought me in contact with many of them. I still have many many contacts who remember me fondly, they might want to keep that in mind.

    The rest is just silly crap; my papers are there for the world to see, and hundreds if not thousands of legitimate judoka know who I am and my skills and abilities are public record.

    It is to laugh.....
    "Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back." -- Hericletus, circa 500 BC


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