Newsletter 1

Russell Stutely is Europe's highest
authority on pressure points and THE 'man'
people go to if they want to learn some
of the best pressure point skills on the planet.

Here's Russell's first two tips...

"The first bit of information that you need for proper Self Protection (before we start to get into the MEATY pressure point information is):

Avoidance and Awareness

Sounds so simple doesn't it?

Well, let me tell is!

Most of the so called self defence "experts"
out there tell you to have great awareness and avoidance skills first - and then proceed to tell you how many 100's of fights they have had! Where the HELL was their avoidance and awareness?

This is how simple it do NOT have to be some kind of pseudo military, techno speak, acronym speaking, weight lifting, statistic spouting, sensationalist Instructor to know about proper Self defence.

The VAST majority of people NEVER have a fight in their lives. The vast majority of people NEVER get mugged, NEVER get attacked NEVER need fighting skills.

So, fighting skills are lower down the order of what you need...though they are VERY, VERY important - don't get me wrong!

So firstly lets look at avoidance...

If you know a bar or club is a bad one...
do NOT go there!

If you know an area of Town is a bad area...
do NOT go there!

If you know an individual is BAD news...
do NOT mix with him!

The same principle applies for individuals right through to groups, areas and even countries.

Just be sensible. Use your Common sense.

Trust your gut reaction. It is usually

More tommorow on Russell's second principle 'awareness'.

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Until tomorrow -

Ian G.
Membership Director,

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