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    Quote Originally Posted by DCS View Post
    And there was a lot of ass kissing.

    I know on the ass-kissing it was pretty damned amazing.

    I found that rather ironic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost View Post
    Remember when Mark Tripp ragequit the site because we apparently weren't kissing his ass enough?

    Good times.
    I met him a few times in the early 2000's and there was all this controversy about him back then even but being new I didn't realize why. There is an archived thread over on as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diesel_tke View Post
    It is definitely less active than it used to be. I think that is because when the forum just started, there was so much out there that hadn't been discussed or questioned. Now days, so much stuff has already been hashed out that it doesn't really need to be discussed any more. I think you can thank Bullshido for leading the way on that. But now it is becoming less relative to the initial purpose and more just discussing random things martial arts related.
    I think there is still a lot to talk about Martial Art's wise. It's still a relatively new thing in the US even though it seems like we have seen everything under the sun. I do see what you are saying even the UG forums on are kind of dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by halfcut View Post
    I think he still lurks on the forums
    I wouldn't be surprised. I really only met him two times.

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