Don't believe anything you read. Tonight I caught the fifth MMA site to copy a misleadingly worded story from Fight! magazine that the NY State Senate passed the bill to sanction MMA in NY.

If any of them had made the one phone call I made for ten minutes, today, they would note that what was passed was a resolution that they approve of the legislation in the budget and plan to pass them one at a time over the next set of sessions.

Now, this is a small difference in the MMA reporting world as if something is highly likely to happen eventually and you report it happened already, few people are going to check the date of the article to figure out that the gun was jumped. And, if it doesn't pan out for some reason, no one google searching is going to find an article that reports something different happening because the key words will be different.

Technically the only problem is that you're a news source lying out of blatent laziness. This is nothing but a combination of a vent and a cautionary tale, but, in case I'm not preaching to the choir, most of these dudes are seriously amateur and will take safe bet lies like that.

P.S. I swore I'd never bad mouth competitors. And I still have the utmost respect for the fact checking of a number of organizations out there. But if Fight! ever writes a straight article with all their facts checked I'll eat my hat.