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    Cutting Weight for BJJ Tournament

    I normaly weight between 150-155lbs.
    I typically compete at the -155 weight.
    I was thinking about going down to the -138lbs division.

    My coach hinted he wanted me to cut the weight.
    I hate diets.
    I cant remember the last time I was below 140lbs.
    I have a month and a half to cut the weight.

    Do you guys cut weight to compete?

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    cutting weight for a hobby competition is assinine.

    losing weight is not.

    you'll be more effective if you spend those six weeks training like a ************, eating right, and rolling at your natural weight than if you spend it trying to crash diet and dehydrating yourself to fit into a glass slipper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toddlove8845 View Post

    My coach hinted he wanted me to cut the weight.
    why would your coach hint that he wants you to cut weight?
    no coaches i know actually suggest that you 'cut'. whether people cut or not is a different matter, but as someone who is in that position, one of his responsibilities is to look out for your well being and 'cutting' is not healthy. just because the pros do it doesn't make it cool for the rest of us.

    he might have hinted to 'lose' weight, but losing and cutting are two different things, and you could lose 10 lbs in the time you have, if you do the right things. you could lose 8 and cut 2, and that won't be all that stupid. but, if you are cutting 10-15 lbs, you are doing some real damage to yourself.


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