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    The Chinese Stuntman with Dan Inosanto
    YouTube- Chinese Stuntman movie scenes with Guro Dan Inosanto

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    Wow. That was great choreography for the time and the horrible dubbing only adds to the charm. But it's sad to see once again FMA being sold as "Kung Fu". In later years it's been Krav Maga due to the Bourne movies...
    Maybe it won't change until some blockbuster Hollywood movie hero says it out loud: "I'll kick your ass using FILIPINO KALI, ALSO KNOWN AS ESKRIMA OR ARNIS!".

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    Quote Originally Posted by poidog View Post
    IMHO, one of the most under the radar FMA flicks ever:
    "A Grande Arte" - fight choreography by Chris Kent

    YouTube- "Exposure", 1991, (aka High Art, A Grande Arte) Hermes, excerpt Part II

    Aloha, Poi
    I've wanted to see this one for ages.

    Tchéky Karyo's character seems to always be using a left lead and teaches his student to fight that way as well. Is there an explanation for that in the plot... like most people expecting a stab to come from the right hand side... or perhaps both actors were left handed?

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    I've always wanted to see the movie "Skirmish" from 1981 which has a young girl taught Filipino Martial Arts as a child, she grows into a Stickfighting master seeking the murderers of her parents. 80's style action.

    Unfortunately the only details I know about it are from the imdb page:

    The review on there says so many good things about it. Anyone else ever see this one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whosthemaster View Post
    I've never noticed that, but I rewatched some episodes of WMAC Masters recently and the Tsunami character also performed sinawallis with rattan sticks (decorated with ribbons) both in the background and during his demonstrations. But of course it's all credited under Kung Fu.

    But the best tv show to showcase FMA has to be Stargate Atlantis, it's pretty obvious: stick sparring matches, knife fights, pangamut, everything's there.
    YouTube- Stargate Atlantis John kiss Teyla
    YouTube- stargate atlantis - ronon dex knife fighting training
    Massive Fail.
    Human Target is the undisputed champion of FMA on TV.
    There is more FMA in one episode of Human Target than in an entire season of SGA. (poor quality of SGA choreography not withstanding)

    YouTube- ‪Human Target - Rooftop Fight (Baptiste)‬‎
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