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    Yeah, I am well aware of some of the various boards on this site, I got familiar with them when I had another disagreement with one Christophe Clugston, got very familiar with the boards reading up on that guy, this thread however was the first and only result to come up when I searched Jason Stork Buujinkan that wasn't a site that he or his ninjer comrades had somewhat majority control over. And the origin of my dispute with him wasn't for Larp-tasticness or lack of skill, it was that of philosophy after he made a childish retort to another commenter on one of his vids and he assaulted me through comments both on his videos and then my own. Other than that I don't really have anything personal against the guy that hasn't already been said ad nauseum on the YMAS thread, though some of them were hysterical as hell. But I shall familiarize myself now with the rules to transition from lurker to poster and hopefully contribute on more pressing topics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffphansen77 View Post

    There was a friend of his that posted in his defense on a previous thread. I'll see if I can run him down.
    That's me, I haven't seen the guy for than five years, but we do maintain a correspondence, mainly talking about his goofy political views more than martial arts.
    Frankly, you guys should really leave him alone. Until he starts charging people for lessons and belts he's really not harming anyone, and you guys are proving to be just as pathetic as he is by continuing to even give a ****. Let him do his thing, considering all the douchebag snowboard bums that live where he lives, he's actually pretty badass in comparison. He snowboards, works out, keep his diet clean and probably even gets laid by an ugly drunk chick every once in a while.
    He is very very committed to Ninjutsu, and nothing you guys do or say will make him change in any way. The only thing you could probably do is to send a MMA fighter that's smaller than him to jump him and kick the **** out of him in the street using only legal MMA techniques.
    Or you could simply wait for the day I finally make it back there to visit and I will spar with him myself, film it, and put it up here. At least then we might have something interesting to talk about.

    Edit: I haven't been on BS for a while and I thought this was a new thread. It seems most of us have come to the same conclusion, he's really not worth this website's time. He's not even that funny anymore, his ghetto home made weapons and armor always amused me.
    And remember, the one thing he IS good at is talking ****, don't email him unless you want to read his crazy ass responses. They will likely be racist as all hell and not really make any sense, good for a laugh, that's it.
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