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    That is stupid as hell.
    Hey, at least they don't claim to bring Nun-chucks(Do you really expect me to know how to spell that?) or Ninja-Death-Stars or even say something like "We don't use guns, we deflect the bullets with our fists".

    But generally anyone who uses the term "Samurai Sword" or "Ninja Sword" owns a cheap ornamental knock-off that you would find in tourist shops across the Far-East.

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    Not impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitandrun View Post
    I am part of a very small group of online skeptics, you could say. You could call us our own little mini Bullshido. Last year we debunked some online psychic warriors. Recently during a chat we had, the b.s of one poser was brought back into light.
    It seems on a different forum via different username, he is a Army personnel with awesome Army MMA training. You know, teh deadly 1 on 1 stuffs. There's other posts scattered around of him knowing secret kung fus and chis and ****. You know TEH deal.

    At first after our chat, I was a little undecided about making a thread, but I was also recently reminded of the forum rules, and as I was watching the Team America Dick Speech, I thought: " Well **** It! I won't let Assholes **** all over! " So I've decided to expose his **** here.

    Now, I have great respect for an Army personnel. My father was one, fighting along side the American CIA during the Vietnam War. My nephew is a Marine, and other relatives etc etc. So other than the fake MA talk, the Army poser stuff doesn't get taken lightly.

    Anyway, here's teh **** quotes and links on the Army mma stuffs.,99046.60.html

    And here's other kung fu woo stuffs, with TEH whole Army chi thing.

    So far, there has not been any solid proof of military records found, but we were able to find out he use to be a security guard.

    Your obviously just jealous of his badassedry.

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    I am envious of teh badass Army's 1on1 mma training. It could make me atrocious! I've decided to go down this new badass path by throwing away my Toonshido tools, and all the kitchen knives.

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