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    Average wrestling coach qualifications?

    What exactly are normal qualifications for an average wrestling coach? Obviously if you are applying to teach a collegiate team or maybe even a hs with a prestigious team history, you need to present some elite creds, but:

    If a person wrestled competitively for 4 years of high school themselves and has experience teaching other MA is that pretty normal for a local school or rec program?

    My high school didn't even have wrestling till senior year, and it was coached by one of the track coaches who had never wrestled before, so I'm pretty sure I have NFC what the general standard is.

    P.S. No I'm not looking for myself, though it would be sort-of awesome if 4 years of wrestling just popped into my muscle memory out of nowhere.

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    Our wrestling coach quit the season before I started, so the team was coached by two football coaches and the senior wrestlers. We did not do well. I would think 4 years of decent wrestling and some education cred would set you up well for a basic wrestling program or a rec program. Might want to see if you can find a collegiate wrestler in the area who has been doing it for 6-7 years to come in and help. But from what I have seen, Wrestling coaches outside of Ohio, Nebraska, Oklahoma area don't need **** for credentials most places.

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    I personally would say that college wrestling experience would be necessary. My son's coach was the Olympic coach in 1996 and 2000. But he has college guys and Navy guys do some stuff every once in a while.

    But hey, if there is no competition, any is better than none. I think it depends on how far you are looking to go. If you want a kid to go far, they should be going to seminars, camps, and lots of tournaments as early as possible.
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    There are plenty of school-level teams coached by newbs. Maybe not in Iowa or Oklahoma, but if your HS adds it to the roster frequently its Joe Blow PE teacher or football coach that steps up to the plate.

    In most areas where its established, the min seems to be four-year HS. Typical is someone with college experience. Exceptional is a college "name" eg someone who won something signifant or all-America honors or USAW FS or GR creds.

    Me, six years JH/HS+ 2 years USAW senior level FS/GR clubing. I'm pretty typical for kids-level coach out here.

    But that's for standard boys & girls club volunteer (which is all I am)/junior high level not too serious stuff. Probably lower echelon HS coaching as well. If you go elite, the coaches tend to have significant college experience.

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    For reference, I have four years high school experience along with a limited amount of college wrestling club experience. Club, rather than team, being the operative word as to my qualifications.

    I consider myself qualified to teach wrestling fundamentals and little else.


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