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    RIZE 4 - 27 March 2010

    Hey all! RIZE MMA's 4th event is almost here, and all set for Saturday 27th March 2010 at the Fortitude Valley PCYC in Brisbane, Qld. The night will have a full card of exciting matches, including our three title fights:

    Lightweight Title: Daniel Hooker v Rob Hill
    Welterweight Title: Rod McSwain v Daniel Digby
    Middleweight Title: Ross Dallow v Pat Crawley

    ...so don't miss it! Tickets are on sale now, see our website (www.rizemma.com) and contact us for more details. Stay tuned for updates :)


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    There was every intention to post this much sooner than now, but things with RIZE in 2010 have been BUSY!!

    One of the biggest demands time-wise has been in the construction of what will be the best fight cage in Australian MMA. A giant circular beast of a cage (well past 2,400kg’s worth of steel and braun).

    RIZE 4 will be held at the Fortitude Valley PCYC, but from then on RIZE will be held at the Sleeman Centre…starting with RIZE 5 on May 29th!! (which will be just an incredible venue for RIZE MMA in the cage!!)

    Back to the here and now though, and the full fight card for Saturday:

    RIZE 4 - Crowning Glory

    76kg - Brad Nixon (Rings, Toowoomba) vs Jared Thomlinson (Advance Martial Arts, Brisbane)

    65kg - Fabian Nemcek (Team Havok, Brisbane) vs Dave Raheilly (East West Fighting Arts, Brisbane)

    62kg - Tyson Kroehn (Rings, Toowoomba) vs Jarrett Owen (Advance Martial Arts, Brisbane)

    95kg - Zein Saliba (TP Fight Team, Sydney) vs Ricardo Zamora (East West Fighting Arts, Brisbane)

    75kg - Damien Brown (Body Torque, Townsville) vs Ryan Dunstan (Advance Martial Arts, Caloundra)

    70kg - John Olesen (Tu Kaha MMA, Auckland) vs Sonny Brown (Lange’s MMA, Sydney)

    77kg - #1 Contenders Match - Manuel “Chalate” Rodriguez (TP Fight Team, Sydney) vs Ian “Hitman” Bone (Body Torque, Townsville)

    77kg - WELTERWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT - “Hot” Rod MacSwain (Strikeforce, Auckland) vs Daniel “The Grave Digger” Digby (TCMA, Napier)

    70kg - LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT - Daniel Hooker (Tu Kaha MMA, Auckland) vs Rob “Hellhammer” Hill (Lange’s MMA, Sydney)

    84kg - MIDDLEWEIGHT TITLE FIGHT - Pat “Luchador” Crawley (Strikeforce, Auckland) vs Ross “The Bandit” Dallow (CIA Paulista, Melbourne)

    ...this is a card not to be missed! (there will be plenty of VIP guests on hand for the show too).

    See you there!

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    RIZE 4 - Saturday 27th March 2010

    Ah, beat me to it! I was just about to put this info up, haha! Good work :D.

    Anyone who can, please come along to RIZE 4, come support MMA, come support MMA in Australia, come support MMA in QLD—if we can get more and more people coming we can start to move the view of the sport from a somewhat negative view that exists in some places of the public domain, to a legitimate view of what the sport (and art) requires of its athletes.

    If anyone is south of the border, come up! We're not that bad, promise :p. It'll be a great night, great fights, title honours, and good times! You won't regret it for a few hours drive and 40$ - 80$. Click this link for more ticket information.

    I'm really pumped and can't wait! :glasses1:
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