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I work in freelance web design, this is frighteningly common. Especially with off-shore design houses. The person commissioning the site pays a set price per page, fills out a boilerplate form for what content they want, and then the company builds the site, hosts the domain, and voila you're online.

The trouble comes in when the person commissioning the site and the person building the site speak different languages, or if the work gets farmed out to a sub contractor, or if the individual doesn't take the time to look at the finished product.

Does it make it right, no. Does it mean that's what happened in this case? No. Is it possible, maybe.
Not to clutter the thread, but I find it hard to believe that an average web designer would know enough about BJJ to inflate a person's belt rank while providing lineage yet know little enough about BJJ to not know how easily the BJJ police will catch on to an inflated rank and/or a phony instructor. Not to mention that adding content that cost your client business is extremely bad for your own reputation as an honest web designer. In other words, for every one time this has actually happened, I believe that there are 1,000 times where this was used as an excuse by a fraud.